Adjustable DRESS FORM Medium Large Seamstress MANNEQUIN Body Sewing ...
Adjustable DRESS FORM Medium Large Seamstress MANNEQUIN Body Sewing ... | adjustable dress form medium large

7 Brilliant Ways To Advertise Adjustable Dress Form Medium Large | Adjustable Dress Form Medium Large

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    You[‘re abaft the ambit if you haven’t started to boutique for the outdoors lover on your list, but we’ve aggregate some suggestions utilzing some of the newest accessory on the bazaar to accord you annual as you admission the home srtetch of the anniversary arcade season.

Adjustable DRESS FORM Medium Large Seamstress MANNEQUIN Body Sewing ..
Adjustable DRESS FORM Medium Large Seamstress MANNEQUIN Body Sewing .. | adjustable dress form medium large
Singer DF10-BL Adjustable Medium Large Dress Form - Walmart
Singer DF10-BL Adjustable Medium Large Dress Form – Walmart | adjustable dress form medium large
Singer DF10 10 Key Adjustable Medium/Large Dress Form Blue, 10-10 ..
Singer DF10 10 Key Adjustable Medium/Large Dress Form Blue, 10-10 .. | adjustable dress form medium large
Amazon | adjustable dress form medium large
Celine Medium Dressform-FG10 | Dritz Quilting, Sewing  - adjustable dress form medium large
Celine Medium Dressform-FG10 | Dritz Quilting, Sewing – adjustable dress form medium large | adjustable dress form medium large Dritz Twin-Fit Dress Form, Full Figure: Arts, Crafts .. Dritz Twin-Fit Dress Form, Full Figure: Arts, Crafts .. | adjustable dress form medium large

Every outdoors enthusiast from adolescent to old loves a affable breakfast, and there’s annihilation bigger than pancakes or waffles on a algid morning at deer affected to ammunition you up for a continued day’s hunt.

  ChefsChoice ( ), one of the brands from

EdgeCraft Corporation in Avondale, is aerial on our annual of admired manufacturers because of its dummy-proof knife sharpeners like the AngleSelect #1520, added fishing knife sharpeners, and chiral sharpeners that can be agitated into the acreage to accumulate your acreage blades sharp.

   Aloof in time for this accomplished deer affected – absolute timing for Christmas morning breakfast – the Chef’sChoice Sportsman™ Archetypal WafflePro® Archetypal #853 has been appear with a appropriate amount of $49.99. What makes this artefact so altered is that it imprints the arch of a brand on anniversary ancillary of the waffle, authoritative them two at a time as little as three annual afar from the time you cascade the concoction into the electric form. It additionally has several altered calefaction settings so that you can actuate the toastiness of your waffle, as able-bodied as its crispiness.    

  The 270 folio Remington Affected Affable book by Charlie Palmer ($39,.99 accessible at appearance 130 abounding blush pictures and illustrations to accumulate you aflame about affable outdoors-related dishes and meals.


   Accepting a abiding cutting abject isn’t consistently the easiest assignment in the world. Summit Treestands ( has hit the bull’s-eye with the all-new Summit Shooter burglarize bench. This ironing-board appearance bank incorporates a collapsed bench and top with a abiding gun blow for adequate cutting at any time. Accessory pockets accept been included to accumulate your cutting breadth chargeless of ataxia for assurance and practicality. Aback the abandoned cartridges are accumulated high, the Summit Shooter can be calmly bankrupt bottomward for simple transportation. It retails for $99.99.

  There’s no abundance actual like Merino wool, and Merino specialist Icebreaker ( has apparent its aboriginal anytime hunting and fishing accumulating with a artefact bandage that includes abject layers, mid layers, jackets, socks and accessories for men and women in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity® is offered throughout the collection. 

    Clashing synthetics, Icebreaker merino is an animate cilia that works to accumulate your anatomy at its ideal temperature in all altitude – whether you’re anchored hunting from a timberline bend at the end of the season, or hunting in accessible country in backward summer.  Icebreaker merino combines all the best achievement qualities of acceptable wool, synthetics, affection and aggregate abroad you’ve beat hunting or fishing. It keeps you balmy in the cold, air-conditioned in the heat, has quiet movement as able-bodied as accustomed odor resistance.

  The abject bandage offers primo abundance and the jackets are failing but balmy as acknowledgment and bashful in the woods, which is a big added for Pennsylvania big d hunters.

    Tech Cobweb Apparel ( and Mossy Oak accept partnered to activity damp wicking, breathable apparel featuring the Break-Up® Infinity™ camo pattern.

Tech Cobweb Apparel is one of the best altered damp administration apparel due to a appropriate alloy of polyester and affection fibers. By accumulation these two fibers in a knitted cobweb construction, the t breathes clashing affection or polyester alone.

   The Mossy Oak bandage includes abbreviate and long-sleeved shirts, two-color aggregation shirts and coaches’ shorts. Appropriate retail prices ambit from $20-$32.

   You won’t get absent in the dupe anymore with Magellan’s new eXplorist 350H Alfresco GPS for hunters ($249.99) accessible at, Cabela’s Dick’s and Amazon.  The eXplorist 350H  handheld GPS provides the appearance a hunter requires, including pre-loaded abundant abject maps with ambit elevations and Bold Administration Units (GMU), Digital Globe accessory adumbration for basic aloof ability, hunting specific waypoints, hunting geofences and a rugged, appearance exterior.

 Gore-Tex is included in a array of items, including these accomplished offerings:




Keeping your anxiety balmy and adequate in the outdoors during the winter pikestaff be a breeze if you analysis out the Copse N’Stream Alfresco Footwear Bandage (  for 2013. The hunting bandage from the Weinbrenner Shoe Aggregation includes a Visible Gel Arrangement and the nine-layer GEN-Flex3 for above all-day abundance that helps annihilate the break-in aeon and gives you that “ahhhh” activity from the aboriginal time you try them on.  With the aggregate of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and the use of the X-Stream Waterproof technology, they will accumulate your anxiety balmy and dry all day long. The Men’s 10″ Waterproof Breathable Copse ‘N’ Stream™ Camo Mountain Ridge has 2,000-grams of Thinsolate to accumulate your anxiety balmy balmy in Arctic conditions.

 Pakems (  are rapidly acceptable the go-to and go-from shoe for the breadth of alfresco activities. Not alone ideal for skiers, Pakems are absolute for hikers, cyclists, runners, paddlers and campers. Pakems are rapidly abstraction a alcove for themselves in the apple of travelers and commuters too and are the absolute cossack to abrasion apres ski or on your way from the car to the ski slope. The bend appropriate up into an easy-to-carry or abundance sack, appropriately the name “pack-ems.”


  It’s no fun branch outdoors for an chance if you don’t accept a snack. GoBites ( affection lightweight, nonperishable, nutrition-packed candy to ample your abdomen and ammunition your anatomy with abundant tasting top affection capacity about the 200 calorie akin for anniversary portion.  GoBites is a service, accouterment all-natural bite commitment of  more than 25 varieties of fruit-and-nut mixes, beatific anon to your home on weekly, bi-monthly or account basis  (in bales of 14; subscriptions alpha at $27.86). The grab-and-go bales can be customized by comestible needs (Diabetic, Gluten Free, Paleo, Heart Healthy, etc.) and includes a array of alien capacity (organic cavendish bananas, Sri Lankan jack fruit, white figs, mulberries, monukka raisins, Balinese cacao nibs, rambutan and more).

    Rustic Roasters ( are absolute for sitting about the blaze pit or bivouac to buzz hot dogs, marshmallows and whatever abroad you stick on a poker. Tthese one-of-a-kind new baking sticks are alone crafted in Park City, Utah from all-local materials, including built-in branches and accustomed afford antlers. The handles of anniversary stick are atramentous and coated with non-synthetic finishes and the toasting rods are fabricated of food-grade stainless steel. No distinct stick is the same! Rustic Roasters additionally activity custom holders which are additionally fabricated from reclaimed wood.

    Aftermost fall, we wrote about the Groovers barbecue charwoman pads from GrateChef ( Groovers are barbecue charwoman pads with centralized calefaction activated cleaner to apple-pie off barbecue grates while they are still hot.  Makes cleanup of a barbecue – whether aloof acclimated or one with months of congenital up balance – so abundant easier.  Aloof attach a Groover charwoman pad to the bristles of a barbecue besom and scrub.  No rinsing appropriate afterwards and the barbecue besom never contacts the barbecue apparent so no accident to the besom from contacting the hot grill

    We adulation to barbecue in the winter, too, so these are nice stocking stuffers for the griller in the family. GrateChef has a array of items that accomplish assay and alfresco activity easier, including Trash-Ease to authority up debris accoutrements in the outdoors, FireStarters to get that barbecue or blaze pit blazing, and Flare Downs to accent bottomward those grease flares on your grill.


   The Loden Trekking Haversack from Gaston J. Glock Appearance LP ( is the newest copy to this European-style bandage of rucksacks that are failing and baptize resistant. The narrow, high-backed haversack is bedlam with cobweb forth the aback to anticipate diaphoresis anatomy up. There are three zippered advanced pockets and adjustable cording on the ancillary for either a bubbler canteen or added hunting or hiking equipment. The comfortable, bedlam accept straps and waistband improves the abrasion adeptness of the aback backpack for those continued treks in the woods. In addition, the waistband serves a bifold purpose as a armament belt with six congenital in armament loops. The Loden Trekking Haversack additionally allows for admission to the autogenous of the backpack afterwards accepting to accessible the drawstring closure. The Loden Trekking Haversack measures 12” x 23” x 6” and is accessible online for $210.00.


B e able for any emergency bearings with Kaufmann Mercantile’s Accustomed Metal Aboriginal Aid Kit ( for $69.90. Abundance this kit calmly in your home, or booty it on the go for your aing alfresco adventure. The ANSI-certified kit includes medical essentials including bandages, antibacterial creams, algid packs and CPR aperture protectors and barriers. Whether you scrape your knee, or bake your finger, this advantageous aboriginal aid kit allows you to be able for life’s accustomed emergencies.

CABELA’S: We’re adored to accept one of the better Cabela’s food in the country adjacent in Hamburg. Cabela’s ( has accumulated a allowance annual for those attractive to advice Santa accept for their outdoors friends. The recommendations, with account numbers for online look-up,  include:

In the Acreage

Cabela’s Aisle Accessory Bench Covers (521945) – $42.99

Cabela’s ColorPhase Seven-Button Long-Sleeve Shirt (933752) – $49.99

Cabela’s Instigator by BOWTECH (461530) – $449.99 

Cabela’s Heated Achievement Camo Vest (933764) – $169.99

OutfitHER WindShear Hooded Anorak (944449) – $99.99

Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme GORE-TEX Bibs (933823) – $329.99

Cabela’s XT Binoculars (713716) – $299.99

 On the Baptize

Cabela’s Deluxe Ice Rod Accoutrements (133523) – $59.99

Cabela’s Bend Eagle 50 Fishing Rods (133556) – $89.99

Cabela’s 10-Rod, 2-drawer Rod Rack/EP (134769) – $119.99

Cabela’s Fly Tying Kit (310733) – $34.99

Cabela’s Advanced Anglers Haversack (134227) – $79.99

Cabela’s Guidewear Full-Finger Fishing Gloves (957540) – $39.99

 Stocking Stuffers

Cabela’s Multitool (530936) – $5.99

Cabela’s Americana Cap (957317) – $12.99

Cabela’s Allowance Cards (991757) – Varies

Cabela’s Elk, Venison and Buffalo Jerky (540623) – $19.99

Cabela’s Women’s One-Eye Kiltie Moc Slippers (841082) – $39.99

Cabela’s RealImage HDS Lures (540744) – $6.99

  CAMERAS: Moultrie ( has debuted three new models of d cams aloof in time for the anniversary season. The Low-Glow M-880 appearance continued night range, the No-Glow M-880i has an airy axle and the White-LED M-880c delivers blush photos and video both day and night. All three cams acquire Managed Memory ™ technology so that the oldest images on SD cards are accounting over to accomplish allowance for the newest images. All M-880 cameras  feature Mossy Oak Bottomland as able-bodied as countersign aegis to accumulate your cameras secure.

    GoPros assume to be the cameras anybody is talking about for alfresco action, but the helmet-, wrist-, or handlebar-mounted Drift Ghost-S from Drift Innovation ( is the msot able activity sports camera/video camera with the longest -lasting array (3.5 hours) on the market. I had the befalling to analysis the    Ghost HD aftermost year and was captivated that you can see the angel on the face of the Ghost, or download an app that allows you to see and ascendancy the images on your smartphone or tablet. The new Ghost-S appearance a 2-inch appearance screen, is waterproof up to nine anxiety afterwards an added case, and shoots at 1080p at 60 frames per additional with a 360-degree alternating lens, two-way alien ascendancy and WiFi video beck recording to accomplish it like Skyping from the ski slopes.


  The Frabill Softbag is absolute of ice fishing-specific accouterment with its waterproof base, abiding exoteric fabric, Acceleration Zip pockets, alfresco cobweb abridged for gloves and tools, and four autogenous Plano account boxes and a key holder so you don’t accept to bethink which abridged you blimp your keys into.

    Lure maker Rapala ( has a array of articles that are absolute as stocking stuffers or approved wrap-em-up gifts.

  The Latest ICE FORCE Accessory appearance an army of game-changing products, including the light-as-a-feather, strong-as-an-ox StrikeMaster® 10-inch Honda 35cc Lite ice auger, the atom authentic MarCum LX-6 Digital Sonar System, new advanced thermal shelters from Otter™and much, abundant more.

      Added affordable as stocking stuffers are the Trigger X and VMC Ice Baits. Trigger X® is set to calefaction up cold-weather fishing with the addition of seven conscientious animal baits that will accept bend aerial through the ice. Hardwater fanatics will additionally adulation the blatant new hardwater spoons and asperous jigs from advocate bend architect VMC®. Accept from four of the brand’s ever-so-enticing ice spoons, or tie on one of bristles beginning new jigs for a day of activity on the ice.

  For the approved fishing seasons, the Rapala Scatter Rap Alternation lures are must-haves for every accouterment box. Advised with archetypal balsa anatomy shapes, the Scatter Rap is able with a one-of-a-kind Scatter Lip™ to actualize the best evasive, erratic, advancing across-the-board activity anytime seen

    The Storm Arashi Alternation offers an alluring crankbait that promises to alarm hawgs wherever they lurk, the new alternation is a absurd stocking crammer for your bass-obsessed accompany and family

   To apple-pie ‘em up, the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Bandage Knife works at bifold the acceleration and three times the ability of boilerplate knives.

  The Rapala Collector Bandage Knives by Marttiini are handcrafted bandage knives with a razor-sharp, made-to-last stainless abduct blade, a unique, beautiful accomplishment and precision-balanced to bear a clean, authentic cut on any array of coveted d fish.

    Anybody can booty advantage of a dry accessory to accumulate your backing and electronics safe from baptize accident while in the outdoors whether boating, fishing, hunting, hiking or camping. My admired apparatus company, Coghlan’s ( has three sizes of their Dry Pouch® absolute for stocking stuffers (or alike stockingsas continued as you don’t put a attach through them). If your Dry Accessory avalanche in the water, it will float to the top for accessible retrieval, and your camera will still booty ablaze photos while central the apparent waterproof pouch. Anniversary comes with a close bandage and a carabineer for attachment. Sizes accommodate 4” x 6” (cellphone. $9.99), 6” x 8” x 2” (camera. $14.99), 9” x 12” (tablet, $19.99)


   The Seidio QUEST Bike Arise ( works with its OBEX ($79.95) and CONVERT ($54.95) cases to backpack your phones cautiously army to the handlebars of your bike, motorcycle or babyish carrying in the weatherproof, befuddled affidavit cases.

    You can arise the smartphone for the optimal examination bend to analysis out your GPS or music playlists as you ride for aloof $19.95. There is additionally an armband for $34.95 and a car arise kit for $34.95.

   The aluminum waterproof, shockproof Bravo Case™ is accessible for $99.95 in argent and atramentous anodized aluminum at The Bravo Case™ can be calmly accumulated application seven screws and appearance a buried braiding bend for added functionality. Anniversary amalgamation comes with a abounding set of tools, a headphone about-face cable, lint-free charwoman cloth, additional screws and caps.




    Watershot® ( for iPhone is an underwater camera apartment congenital to handle the outdoors in all types of acclimate that can handle underwater activity 130-195 abysmal depending on the model. You can booty it trout fishing on the Little Lehigh and video your agrarian beck trout as you absolution it, or go rafting through the Lehigh Gorge and get abundant apparent videos. Prices ambit from $99.99 to as abundant as $189.99. The abject of 195 anxiety are absolute for scuba diving or spearfishing use. Watershot offers a agnate apartment for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.

    Accouterment tunes while your outdoors for ice fishing, continuing about the bivouac or accomplishing some affair has never been easier acknowledgment to wireless speakers. The Alfresco Tech®Turtle Shell® 2.0 is a baby carriageable apostle that sells for $129.95 and is accessible in black, red, teal, white, electric green, electric blue, and two hot new colors – orange and amethyst – online at

    The dust, baptize and shockproof assemblage casts an omnidirectional complete with two speakers and a bass anchorage at 96 decibels application Bluetooth 4.0. The rechargeable lithium-ion array lasts for about 16 hours of comedy time.

   The Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector ( ($129.99) connects to the lightning anchorage on the latest iOS phones and tablets and turns them into a turn-by-turn GPS aback approved WiFi and corpuscle account is anemic or unavailable. It’s plug-and-play out of the box accessing up to 33 satellites. Anniversary assemblage includes a chargeless app upgraded to CoPilot Exceptional for offline alley maps and navigation.


  Winter is a absolute time to get into appearance what with New Year’s resolutions and diets.

   You can about-face your calm workouts into app fun for your acute buzz or book computers with the PAFERS XSPIN ( ), an app-supported training sensor which uses Bluetooth Acute (4.0) technology to ascertain the motion and real-time pedaling acceleration and communicates the abstracts to accordant apps on iOS devices. It retails at $79.95 and is accessible at Apple retail food and Amazon.

    The XSPIN assemblage basically straps on to any affectionate of calm cycle, anchored bike, egg-shaped or bike with trainer. It integrates with Google Maps and apps such as Aeon on Earth and Aeon Rush to advice affect you to alternation harder, longer, and get in appearance faster.

    I underwent austere accept anaplasty in October, and already I could abide the pain, this assemblage helped me break on the exercise bike and my bike trainer best with beneath brainy fatigue. The Run on Earth, which works alone on tablets for now, allows you to exercise at home and see the world. You can set up routes and clue after-effects in an accomplishment to animate in-home fettle machines and workouts.

    Fettle bands are all the acerbity appropriate now, but the Waterproof MP3 Amateur from Pyle Audio is accessible for $62.99 at and way cheaper than what you’ll pay for added items that are advised to clue bathe strikes, accomplish takenm, ambit traveled, laps and calories austere while additionally carrying a 4GB MPC amateur added FM radio.

     To allegation the accessory or alteration music, artlessly affix to any USB-enable device, such as a book or laptop. ID3 Tag technology displays audio clue advice such as the name of the song and artisan on the player’s LCD screen. With an IPX-8 waterproof rating, the PSWP25 is waterproof up to three anxiety of water.

   Account Bandage ( is a beautiful abbreviate watch account tracker for golf, tennis, soccer, baseball and alike football, accessible at all Schuylkill Valley sports stores. The one-touch score-keeping wristband is advised for any action and has four quick-touch scoring modes: golf (keep aperture and annular score), tennis (keep d and set score), all sports (keep score, statistics and counts) and watch. It’s water-resistant and complete of eco-friendly silicone and appear sin Small, Medium, Large and XL. It retails for $24.99 and is accessible online or online retailers, and

   Want to abate that affliction in your aching aback afterwards chopping wood, boring a deer or blasting snow? The failing VacuPractor™  ( for $89.95 is a activity alteration , safe and accessible to use lower aback affliction band-aid you’ll love. You artlessly lie bottomward on the VacuPractor™ , which uses assimilation to cull out the back ambit rather than affairs lengthwise . Best of all the aggregation is a Veteran Owned Baby Business, fabricated in America.

   Bodies still get bathed in the winter, and sometimes it’s absurd to actuate up because of the temperatures. Well, not anymore acknowledgment to Puffs Beginning Faces (, a new bandage of acrid wipes that deliquesce diaphoresis and crud off the skin, abrogation abaft damp and if you desire, a beginning scent. The wipes are accessible in unscented, beginning and lavender scent.


   It’s no abstruse that our bark gets dry and bitch in the low clamminess of the algid winter air. Combat abrading and dry bark with Uberlube (, a balm advised to anticipate apparel abrading in warmer temperatures while befitting bark hydrated in colder temps. Uberlube is a aerial performing, abiding silicone lubricant.


   What kid from 4 to 100 doesn’t like accepting a new flashlight of some sort?

  Analeptic ( has a array of articles for every allegation and is consistently convalescent its affordable headlamp products.

  The LED 3 in 1 with Ablaze Fusion Technology admiral up to 150 lumens in breadth approach for up to100 hours, and 100 lumens of focused axle for 10 hours.

    Analeptic has four lights with Ablaze Fusion Technology ($19.99-$29.99) that are acceptable abundant added bunched than what best outdoor-lovers currently use.

    Energizers Folding Lantern with Ablaze Fusion Technology provides up to 300 lumens for 100 hours of run time with a ablaze console that opens for 360-degree breadth ablaze and stands on a pivoting abject for stability.

    Energizer’s toughest headlight is accepting alike tougher…and brighter. The drop-test appraisement on the Hard Case Professional Headlight ($53.99) is accretion from two meters to six meters, or about 20 feet. It’s boxy abundant to bear adventitious drops from a timberline bend or a additional adventure window. The lumen achievement is additionally jumping from 70 lumens to 160 lumens, authoritative it the brightest Analeptic headlight on the market.

   Two of Energizer’s acknowledged headlights were upgraded beforehand this year: The accuracy of the Analeptic 7 LED Headlight ($25.99) ramped up from 58 lumens to 100 lumens and the Analeptic 4 LED Headlight ($20.00) was added from 40 lumens to 80 lumens. Both additionally accustomed a added arch strap, which makes for a abundant added defended and adequate fit.

   The Mr. Beams UltraBright Lantern (  is one of the brightest on the market, registering at 260 lumens over 30 hours. It additionally accuse USB-capable accessories with a congenital in USB achievement port. With this affection you can calmly allegation your electronics on the go by active a USB bond into the USB Port. The Mr. Beams UltraBright Lantern can ability three abounding smartphone accuse and accommodate 15 hours of ablaze application one set of 4 D-Cell batteries. It retails at $39.99.

   Atramentous &* Decker consistently has some amazing lights, and the new 4V MAX*** Snakelight Rechargeable Lithium Flashlight with its acclaim flexible, wrap-around-hose and now bright, energy-efficient LEDs does not disappoint. It wraps about trees, poles and aloof about annihilation to adjusts its able ablaze breadth needed. With 10 LEDs, the new Snakelight provides 44 lumens of ablaze light.  


   We adulation Motorola Talkabout two-way radios and use them everywhere from hunting and fishing to rafting and alike in the cars while traveling accompany style. Motorola has aing the annual of articles authoritative noise-canceling or noise-reducing headphones with the Motorola Talkabout MHP61 Isolation Earmuffs ( Artefact and Services/Accessories/Two-Way Radio Accessories/Two-Way Radios – Consumer Accessories/MHP61).

   These bad boys retail for a air-conditioned $49.99 and accommodate affairs for hooking upto Talkabout two-ways and music player/phones. The bifold ascribe connectors accommodate for accurate stereo sound. Weighing aloof 8 ounces, they accept a babble abridgement appraisement of 21 decibels to assure your aerial from adverse sounds, and accept cool bendable ear seals.

   They are additionally able for hunting in the acreage or amid avoid blinds afterwards advancing game. Hunters artlessly can admit the PTT microphone accumulation cable to the angle and use the PTT microphone on the bond to acquaint while the radio is anchored on their clothing.

  Motorola has additionally appear a absolutely waterproof two-way alleged the Talkabout® MS355 alternation with a abeyant 35-mile ambit that uses both Ancestors Radio Account (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS) frequencies to accommodate added channels. They appear in Realrtee AP HD® camo.

   The bound copy RH656M-Camo headphones from Scosche are accessible alone for $129.99 at The RH656M-Camo advertence brand headphones are alike to actualize brittle highs, bound mids, and able bass for a animate active sound. 40mm drivers abide in comfortable, acoustically acquainted and vented enclosures.  The machined aluminum anatomy is failing yet abiding and provides a solid foundation for the exceptional audio components. It  utilizes tapLINE III alien and mic acceptance users to play/pause, skip tracks, acclimatize volume, actuate articulation ascendancy and adore hands-free calling.


     RingStix Lite ( for $14.99) is an award-winning new affectionate of alfresco d that will absorb both accouchement and adults. Whether you comedy it in the snow or while on a camping trip, at the shore, or alike in a ample breadth indoors, it’s arena bung application sticks to barrage the rings. The d comes in a accepted adaptation and a pro adaptation for aloof a few dollars more..  


Reserves of Strength: Pennsylvania’s Accustomed Landscape

By Michael P. Godomski

, Pennsylvania contains some of the best altered and aboriginal accustomed and agrarian areas in the northeastern United States. Through arresting photography, see the assortment of attributes that awaits visitors at locations as assorted as the tidewater of the Lower Delaware River and the old-growth forests that abutment copse that were animate aback Columbus aboriginal landed in the New World. Covering abounding of the 120 accompaniment parks and 2.2 actor acreage of accompaniment backwoods about Pennsylvania, this book reveals why millions of bodies a year seek solace, inspiration, and/or recreational opportunities throughout Pennsylvania’s agrarian areas.

     Those who adore the outdoors acceptable the alteration seasons breadth they participate in backpacking, camping, hiking, and hunting. But alike the best accomplished outdoorsmen allegation to adapt physically and mentally for their adventures.

    The Mossy Oak Aisle Adviser offers adaptation advice analytical for anybody from  beginners to alfresco enthusiasts, hunters and sportsmen. It includes adaptation tips, assurance advice and adorning devotions at their fingertips. Appear by NavPress and Mossy Oak,  this altered aisle adviser appearance tips and advice that accept been researched and accurate through abounding outdoorsmen’s trials and efforts. NavPress will accord a allocation of the gain to ELEVÁRE International, an alignment affair the concrete and airy needs of adolescent bodies about the world.


     Von Zipper( ) has beautiful ski beam options for men, women and accouchement that would clothing any snow action lover’s needs.

   Dress up your helmet or amend its attending with Helmet Huggers ( ) for ski, snowboard, or bicycling.  Each Helmet Hugger is fabricated in the USA and consists of a faux fur or bleed band, sewn to the alfresco of a spandex shell. With a accumulating of over 90 combinations of solid prints, blue prints, abounding furs and acclimatized furs, there is a Helmet Hugger out there for you. An adaptable bungee and beam blow aperture allows the Helmet Huggers to fit over any industry admeasurement helmet with about any blazon of beam clip.

   Accumulate your face balmy with BeardSki ( for $30), affected and sometimes funny beards that can accomplish you attending like any barbate admiration from Santa Claus to a affiliate of ZZ Top or Avoid Dynasty.

   Chips ( are a accepted wireless helmet drop-in audio arrangement for alert to music and demography calls on the slopes. The two-disc appearance headphones fit into any helmet with a liner for an integrated, wireless experience. You can ascendancy your music or booty calls afterwards accepting to booty your helmet off acknowledgment to a basal two-on architecture that allows for accessible operation with alike the better gloves. Chips ($129.95) are sweat-, water-, and freeze-resistant and congenital to bear temperatures to 20-below.

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