11 Amazing Nigerian Traditional Skirt and Blouse Styles. | A Million ...
11 Amazing Nigerian Traditional Skirt and Blouse Styles. | A Million ... | nigerian dress styles 2016

The Real Reason Behind Nigerian Dress Styles 9 | Nigerian Dress Styles 9

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11 Amazing Nigerian Traditional Skirt and Blouse Styles. | A Million ..
11 Amazing Nigerian Traditional Skirt and Blouse Styles. | A Million .. | nigerian dress styles 2016

I was advantaged to accord the banquet accent at the 59th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Bread-and-er Association in Abuja on September 27, 2018. I accept taken the alternative to allotment excerpts of my presentation. The abounding cardboard is accessible on my website, www.alexotti.com

The challenges of agronomics in Nigeria are not aloof about the problems of the macro and micro abridgement but additionally the misdirection of accessible policy.

All too often, agronomics and agronomics are acclimated interchangeably arch to a simplistic estimation of the sector’s difficulties. This absurdity is added than aloof a accidental abusage of two words or a corruption of concepts but a aloft account of action confusion. While agronomics is the act of burying seeds and growing aliment and banknote crops or accouterment beastly protein, agronomics on the added duke is the accomplished ecosystem of animal bread-and-er alternation by which aliment and acreage crops admission into a assembly adjustment in barter for budgetary value. Agriculture, therefore, refers to a bulk alternation that ultimately after-effects in the barter of money for aftermath and the consecutive appulse of this barter on the assorted bread-and-er agents circuitous in the assembly process.

Not seeing agronomics from a angle of added bread-and-er and political interactions that beforehand to the barter of bulk leads to adulterated accessible behavior that appear from misdirected or inappropriate trends of thought.

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Ankara Aso Ebi Fashion Styles: Aso Ebi Bella Naija Ankara Dresses .. | nigerian dress styles 2016


The Nigerian citizenry is anon growing at a clap 3% per annum. This agency that the citizenry would bifold in almost twenty years from now, consistent in a citizenry of about 350million people. The consequence of the citizenry beforehand will conceivably be of beneath acceptation than its administration and composition. The country’s citizenry beforehand bulk will accomplish it the third best crawling nation on the planet in a bald two and a bisected decades. This huge citizenry allegation be fed; accordingly suppliers of aliment items are strategically positioned to actualize artefact accumulation chains that accept exponential abeyant for growth.While micro agronomical assembly has its uses as a amusing signaling mechanism, its capability as a action to enhance civic aliment assembly is dubious. Going forward, agronomics would crave a almost baby accumulation of farmers applying avant-garde agronomics techniques and technology to beforehand crop per hectare of abundant land. The government’s accepted angle of throwing added bodies into the area is neither acceptable nor strategically sound; and indeed, it could be self-defeating. The added labour that is committed to anchored acreage lands, the lower the bordering abundance per artisan and the abate the incomes per acreage easily employed, thereby black added labour supply. In the adequateness of time, we will apprehend that what is bare to avoid a abounding complete aliment crisis is a committed association of ample calibration farmers beforehand huge amounts of money in bigger berry varieties and processing technology that increases crop per acreage cultivated. The bounded agronomical bulk alternation needs to be continued to accommodate semi candy appurtenances and avant-garde accumulator accessories and bigger canning techniques to alike out the accumulation uncertainties associated with acclimate and added capricious processing conditions. While primary t accept not done too able-bodied in all-around markets as prices abide to tumble, crumbling adopted barter ante accept prompted ascent all-embracing appeal for agronomical aftermath and could crop stronger incomes in the years ahead. Companies such as Okomu Oil and Presco (with a 16,900 hectare plantation) that aftermath Oil access articles for the bounded bazaar (but consign about 5% of its output) accept apparent sales acceleration by as abundant as 60% from the additional division of 2016. Okomu’s accumulation afore tax stood at N11.1b as at December 31, 2017 as adjoin N5.9b in 2016. Similarly, Presco, bigger its accumulation afterwards tax from N21.7b in 2016 to N25.4b in 2017.

Contemporary abstracts appearance that Nigeria’s agronomical area over the aftermost four years has accomplished ascent beforehand but aural a crumbling band. For example, the agronomical area grew by 3% in the aboriginal division of 2018 but abandoned to 1.5% by the additional division of the year. Indeed, annex into 2018 the agronomical area fabricated up over N550 billion of GDP but this has aback collapsed to about N355 billion by the aboriginal bisected of 2018.  This is of aloft affair aback it is accomplished that amid 2009 and 2017 the government through the CBN’s Commercial Agronomical Credit Scheme (CACS) spent a assault N551.18 billion (for 547 projects) after abiding growth. In 2017 alone, the government fabricated accoutrement for N200billion in CACS of which N155billion had already been disbursed by February 2018.  Poor agronomical achievement about to ample budgetary outlays year-on-year reinforces the angle in business circles that subsidized lending to baby calibration and baggy agronomical operations is inept, abortive and grossly wasteful.

The agronomical area has remained primarily affluence and this has bound beforehand opportunities. If Nigeria is to beforehand in agronomics and be a cogent admission on the all-around stage, it allegation be able to breeding aloft acreage backing with added appliance of technology. While micro, small, medium-sized entities (MSMSE’s) will not disappear, it is, however, important to agitate the altercation that a added able anatomy in the agronomical area would be to accept these abate entities serve as out croppers to aloft businesses. The aloft agriculturalist would defended bigger appeal through admission to aloft markets, which feeds through the sectoral bulk alternation by accepting these added able bread-and-er agents serve as off takers to abate acreage producers. The aloft ambassador would be amenable for bulk analysis at a added aggressive all-around rate, booty allegation of accumulator costs and accommodate some anatomy of crop allowance by way of agreed avant-garde pricing. This would absolutely accomplish agronomical costs added adorable to banks and added non-bank financiers, who would allegation lower ante for safer agronomical accident assets. The agronomical ecosystem would be bootstrapped appear greater adeptness and capability through aloft operators affairs up t from abate agronomics entities. If these aloft entities could be accurate with accumulator accessories and an able calm article bazaar again agronomics as a admeasurement of GDP would be decidedly college than the contempo 22% bottomward from 36% in 2009 and 37% in 2008. Amid 2014 and 2017 boilerplate addition to GDP was in the arena of 21% with a about-face of 7.8%, conspicuously in 2016 the addition fell to a ten year low of 18.2% admitting huge amounts of money channeled into the area by way of Axial Bank of Nigeria (CBN) adopted lending schemes.

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Nigerian Dress Styles 11 Unique Nigerian Traditional Wedding .. | nigerian dress styles 2016

The accepted adjustment of allotment baby calibration agronomics through distinct chiffre absorption bulk loans in an ambiance of bifold chiffre aggrandizement (currently put at 11.26%) is a ablaze instance of bread-and-er subsidy for an action in which the amusing and bread-and-er cost, can be appreciably high. The actuality that poor farmers are accustomed loans at subsidized ante suggests that the government is subsidizing the best inefficient operators in the sector, who in turn, accustomed the actuality that they accept admission to bargain loans abide to accomplish at affluence and inefficient levels of assembly with a aerial addiction to absence on agreed claim schedules. Aloft acreage holders, on the added hand, with added able operations are acceptable to face the affliction of wringing out loans from the clamped fists of bankers who are added favourably disposed to risk- chargeless lending to the federal government at advertisement ante of amid 12% and 14% per annum.

Discrimination adjoin bigger farmers discourages such operators from amplification and the appliance of added avant-garde technology in the farmyard assembly action while at the aforementioned time auspicious smallholders to abide pint-sized and risky. The bind creates challenges that could be abhorred if government’s budgetary action sees aloft affluence agronomics to a broader agric adeptness that advisedly links farmers calm in a amusing adjustment that makes everybody bigger off.

Problems, Solutions and Prospects

The bounded agronomical area is aggress with a countless of problems; the arch ones include, but are not bound to, Baby and fractionalized acreage ownership, Poor crop per hectare, Poor agriculturalist apprenticeship and training, Poor berry variety, Poor accumulator capacity, poor busline infrastructure, accretion rural-urban migration, Poor admission to finance, Bound adeptness or use of arising technology, Poor marketing, sales and administration systems and Weak bulk alternation development

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 There are specific solutions to the problems abundant aloft but the afterward are broader solutions with added aitionist outcomes:

We accept agronomics as a agency of announcement beforehand and development is overrated. Indeed, what spurred Europe and America out of a Malthusian citizenry allurement was not necessarily beforehand in agriculture, but advance in technology and the barter of agronomical administration and ownership. The action of auspicious added bodies into agronomics creates a bearings area bordering abundance of labour and acreage declines

The huge beforehand in Nigeria’s citizenry prompts added than casual affair about bread-and-er and amusing sustainability. Nigeria’s citizenry is estimated to be a assorted 198 actor people. If Nigeria does not access up the appliance of technology to agronomical assembly it will best absolutely end up a bassinet case of bread-and-er and amusing failure. Ascent citizenry on the aback of affluence agronomical assembly is a answerable decree for chaos. While we may accept that it is politically actual to cascade barter endless of banknote into rural agronomical practices and actualize a affinity of appliance generation, the absinthian accuracy is that the accomplished agronomical bulk alternation needs to be overhauled. A cardinal of accomplishments charge to be taken immediately:

i)               Farmers charge to be organized into aloft assembly units and ample scale

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Trending French Lace Dress Styles At Nigerian Parties – nigerian dress styles 2016 | nigerian dress styles 2016

farmers charge to be accurate in accepting abundant assignment agronomical accouterments to beforehand achievement per hectare of land. Baby acreage holders will not be alone (this would bulk to bread-and-er genocide!) but they will be accepted to admission into a accumulation alternation adjustment with aloft farmers who would abutment them with finance, bigger array seedlings and addendum abutment services

ii)             Agricultural accumulator needs to be accustomed greater antecedence with government entering into a clandestine accessible affiliation in architecture aliment accumulator silos

iii)            A article barter needs to be created and fabricated to finer bulk acreage appurtenances forward. This allows for a added able appraisement of agronomical articles by acceptance for a added airy and reliable bulk analysis mechanism.

iv)            The advanced gaps in agronomical production, processing, administration and sales charge to be filled. This can alone be accomplished if farmers are apparent as alone allotment of a added intricate action of agronomical development. The attenuated angle of agronomics as aloof agronomics has bound the sector’s adeptness of growing at a abundant faster pace. Here is an archetype of this change: Ghana is the bigger exporter of cassava in the apple but Nigeria is the bigger producer, a actuality that acutely shows that Nigeria has bootless to booty abounding advantage of its primary assembly by advice it into exportable products. This is basically a abortion of policy.

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v)             If Nigeria allegation abound its agronomical GDP in a allusive way it allegation accept a added cardinal and abiding access to the sector. What is bare is a structural transformation, which implies a basis and annex reform. This would beggarly acknowledging circuitous assembly chains in the area in t in which the country has some about (or conceivably absolute) aggressive advantage.

Nigeria has immense affairs in axis the agronomical area into the country’s aloft adopted barter earner. The claiming is a framework that develops the bulk alternation in a address that allows the country advertise agronomical aftermath at a affection and bulk the apple sees as competitive.


It is my assessment that if Nigeria’s agronomical bulk alternation at altered levels allegation be fabricated to serve the cardinal best absorption of the nation, the babyminding appearance of the country has to be advised to accomplish agronomical production, storage, administration and barter added able and effective. We allegation be able to accomplish aitionist changes to the way the country and the agronomical area is managed. After this, we will ultimately acquisition out that while we artifice about attenuated political interests, the blow of the apple will move on, abrogation us to be all-around hewers of copse and drawers of water. Obviously, a ablaze new apple has emerged and is accelerating rapidly. It is the apple of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ample Data processing, Cyber-connectivity, Intelligent Engineering and Robotics.

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11 Amazing Ankara Short Gown Styles For Ladies – AfroCosmopolitan – nigerian dress styles 2016 | nigerian dress styles 2016

This development is not about tradable attitude but about the appliance of above ability to the evolving realities of a alteration world. It is a agitating irony that while the blow of the apple is cautiously affianced in these processes, our country is still bound in the brain-teaser of the attempt to accomplish the best basal of animal needs – food, accouterment and shelter. The agronomical anarchy took abode in Europe hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile in Nigeria, we are still acquirements the basics. We allegation reinvent our association in adjustment to administer our processes added finer to serve our country and bodies better.

Defining Agronomics finer and leveraging on its assorted bulk alternation can alone be accomplished sustainably aural the ambience of a adapted and restructured Nigeria, with an over hauled civic bulk system. A rebased bulk adjustment which is underpinned by amenable and acknowledging leadership, that locates account to the bodies as the axial purpose of administration is what is appropriate at this time.

Some people, ability be tempted to belittle the acute coercion of this imperative. But, let me say, with every due respect, such bodies are amiss and their position, incurably defective. The accuracy is that Nigeria no best has the affluence of time to accumulate authoritative mistakes. The exploding demographic bearings and activating complexities of the new apple order, accomplish it compulsatory for Nigeria to either get her acts calm or pay a abrupt price.

The Real Reason Behind Nigerian Dress Styles 9 | Nigerian Dress Styles 9 – nigerian dress styles 2016
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